Prevent Child Abuse America invites YOU to host a house party to increase public awareness as to why prevention is important to our communities and what we can do to prevent it.

What is a House Party?
A House Party can be whatever you want it to be!  You can host a dinner party, sporting event, or wine tasting or celebrate a birthday, anniversary or other special event.  Check out our list of awesome party ideas for more info!
You will choose your location and theme then suggest donation amounts and fundraising goal for your guests and you're ready to party!

House Party Toolkit
The Party Toolkit includes a sample invitation, party ideas, documentation of tax-exempt status, information about Prevent Child Abuse America for guests to take home and talking points for a brief discussion on why you've decided to host a party.


Register Your Party Now!

*Hosts or other sponsors underwrite all costs associated with the party.

Prevent Child Abuse America will credit party expenses as in-kind donation for tax purposes. 


*Guests will be able to pay online by credit card

Once you register your party guests can donate online!  They can also donate by sending in a check payable to Prevent Child Abuse America.

Prevent Child Abuse America will provide acknowledgments and receipts for tax purposes. 


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